DACXpresso: Audio DAC and digital preamp


This page shows initial design information on my latest (4th generation) audio DAC, of which the first prototype is now up and running. These are its main distinctive properties:

A photo of the first assembled prototype PCB with the WM dacs mounted and the LPC module plugged on top:

A view on the connectors at the PCB back side:

Current status

August 1: I have first audio, which sounds really assuring: A significant improvement with respect to my earlier designs. The DAC now plays with a passive output directly from the WM dac chips to a balanced input of my Relaixed. I would still need (considerable) time to create an active output buffer. That would be needed for proper stand-alone operation of this design as preamplifier.

My first Android app for control is also up and running. The app automatically finds the (IP number of) the DACXpresso in the local network. No fancy graphics, but basic and working controls:

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Jos van Eijndhoven

Aug. 20, 2013